SCREENING: The Mayors of Shiprock @ Talom Aptzai Indigenous Film Festival

The Talom Aptzai Indigenous Film Festival is proud to screen Ramona Emerson’s documentary The Mayors of Shiprock!

In the town of Shiprock, New Mexico, the harsh realities of reservation life and the beautiful, reddened landscape of the rock formations build stories of survival and existence. Poverty and corruption long a struggle in the community, the people of Shiprock and the Navajo Nation look for leadership, but are met with scandal and corruption. Within this sandy town in Northwestern New Mexico, a young group of men and women are taking back their community on their own, making changes that have begun to change a community long disenchanted by their leaders. The Northern Dine Youth Committee and Graham Beyale, their twenty-two year old founder, has helped lead the charge.

Show Time: 7:00 PM, August 25th, The Guadalupe Theater in San Antonio, TX


Hosted by American Indians in Texas at the Spanish Colonial Missions (



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